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Our Staff

Staff will consist of 1 teacher and 1 Child Care Assistant per class. Co-teachers are welcome to stay on their scheduled days. Co-teachers/volunteers may be needed for special activities/field trips.

In case of illness of a teacher, 1 parent volunteer will be called in addition to the other teacher. The teacher will be responsible for setting up the program with the available resources.

Parent Volunteers/Co-Teachers

One parent per family has the option to stay during class 3 half-days a week (M-W-F) or 2 half days a week (T-TH) on a rotation basis in the Nursery School program according to the number of attending children in the family. This parent will be responsible for bringing snacks and beverages for each of those classes assigned.

A co-teaching schedule will be drawn up and will be circulated to each family on the first day of class. A copy will also be posted in the school. If the scheduled dates are not suitable, it is the responsibility of the co-teaching parent to make changes/switches with another parent. This is not the responsibility of the teacher or Board members.

Co-Teaching Guidelines

As a co-teacher you are expected to:

  • Provide a snack on your co-teaching day from our list of nutritional snacks included in the handbook.

  • Arrive 5 minutes before class and remain after class to tidy and clean-up on your co-teaching days.

  • Help the teacher set up, prepare for, and clean up after class

  • Find a replacement if unable to fulfill your assigned day. A list of parents’ telephone numbers will be supplied.

  • No younger or older children are permitted when it is your day to co-teach


According to Manitoba child care policy as stated in The Community Child Care Standards Act, no hot beverages are allowed in areas in the licensee’s child care center in which children are engaged in play activities. We also ask that you please have your cell phone turned off or put away during class time as it is a distraction for everyone.

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