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About Us


Who we are

Founded in 1983, West St. Paul Co-operative Nursery School first developed as a result of like-minded families in the community coming together. Our parent and teacher run school operates on a not-for-profit basis. Our long time teacher, Sheri Owen, has been key to our nursery school’s success.  In December of 2020 Sheri decided to retire from the Nursery School but will be coming in now and again to help as we need it.

In 2015 we welcomed Kim Winzoski as a Child Care Assistant. She has become a valuable asset to the nursery school. Both Sheri and Kim have nurtured our children by positively guiding them through their first educational experience.   In January 2021 Kim took over as our lead teacher following Sheri's retirement. Having worked so closely with Sheri for the past 5 years, the core values of the Nursery School will continue to thrive uninterrupted.

Our new Child Care Assistant, Erin Manuel is enthusiastic and prepared to add to the success of the Nursery School. Erin is a past parent and board member of West St. Paul Nursery School and knows the program very well. Together, she and Kim will bring their educational backgrounds and experience to the school to provide that extra time and attention for each child.

Our Program/Philosophy

West St. Paul Nursery School attempts to provide a warm, loving, and encouraging atmosphere. The program tries to stimulate the child’s senses through various activities and nurture their independence and confidence so they can become contributing members of our society. We concern ourselves with the total development of the child: physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and moral. Activity-based learning is encouraged so that each child may develop their own personality and children work at learning through play and interaction with their peers. While the children move freely in the nursery school setting, they are developing their own self-discipline, self-help skills and the ability to discriminate choices.

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